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Designed for epicureans

Explore a story and culture in every aspect of our life.
Pay attention to the details and go green.
Express the philosophy of Porsche and soul of producers at a theater called restaurant.
The momentum by Porsche lives it, a restaurant for a special moment.

The Momentum by Porscheの想い


Seeing is believing.

Countless stories of Japanese delicacies expressed by chef

Four seasons in Japan. Special blessings of nature from each region.
Sentiments of food producers.
Craftmanship of tableware and soul behind the ingredients.
These countless of Japanese delicacies are expressed in each plate.


Yuji Hayashi

Born in Hyogo Pref. Member of Associazione Council Cucina Italiana.
Educated in the culinary of arts in Osaka Abeno Tsuji academy, went to Italy to work and learn about authentic Italian regional food, especially around Piemonte province.
Returning to Japan, moved to Tokyo and worked as chief chef at several restaurants.
Now a head chef at Tanta Roba, a Trattoria in Harimazaka in Bunkyo-ku, established 23 years ago and certified by Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan and Italian Culinary Academy as an authentic Italian restaurant.
Since 2020, worked also as executive chef at the world's first Porsche-approved restaurant in Shiodome, Tokyo. Cuisine inspired by Italian regional food served at both restaurants.

Yuji Hayashi